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A block is a temporary ban on editing at a wiki. It can be set from a minute up to a year, or a custom time if the admin chooses to go over a year. Blocks can be made here. Only admins, staff, helpers and VSTF can block a user, if you want to see information about a banned user, see this page.

The main reasons for being blocked can be found on MediaWiki:Ipbreason-dropdown.

the current block reasons page

The best way to get yourself blocked ever longer or banned is create a second account to edit while you are blocked under one account, then going back to that account once the block is lifted if you get banned with the second.


These are several expectations of users that are blocked.

  1. Don't create accounts when you are blocked. That will get you blocked longer.
  2. Don't constantly send emails to other admins about the block or trying to get it lifted. That will get your email rights removed.
  3. Don't use your own user talk page to just talk to the admins without an important purpose, you'll lose that right too.
  4. Don't go back to your behavoir before the block, or you will be blocked again for a longer time, then after three times of doing it, you'll be Banned. No email rights, no account creation rights and no email rights.