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Tremors: The Series
Directed by  
Produced by Michael Gross
Written by   Christopher Silber
Music   Steve Dorff
Cinematography   Steven Shaw
Distributor Universal Home Entertainment
Release date(s) March 28-August 8, 2003
Running time  
  • Episode:
    • 43 minutes
  • Series:
    • 559 minutes
Worldwide Gross
MPAA Rating PG-13
Preceded by Tremors 3: Back to Perfection (2001)
Followed by Tremors 4: The Legend Begins (2004)
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Tremors: The Series is a horror comedy monster television series, it is the fourth installment in the Tremors franchise and a sequel to Tremors 3: Back to Perfection.


The story for the TV series picks up from where Tremors 3: Back to Perfection leaves off. It follows the residents of Perfection Valley attempting to co-exist with an albino Graboid they call El Blanco, while dealing with problems caused by failed government experiments, mad scientists, and ruthless real-estate developers.


The show was mistakenly believed to be a replacement for the cancelled Farscape, despite the fact production had begun prior to the cancellation of that series. And though it was Sci-Fi's highest-rated program at the time, it failed to hit Farscape's demographic and was cancelled after one half-season of 13 episodes. Production took place at Fox Studios Baja Peninsula facilities and on locations in nearby Rosarito, Mexico. The series time frame is about a year. The series should be noted for its MacGyver element of creating weapons out of everyday materials to combat the monsters.

When aired by the Scifi Channel, the series was shown out of order, with Episode 1 (Feeding Frenzy) and Episode 6 (Ghost Dance) shown on the premiere night. The actual second episode produced, Shriek and Destroy, was the final episode shown. This out-of-order airing required re-editing of episodes, including a new opening sequence for Episode 5 (Project 4-12) which actually aired as the 8th episode, and which introduced the character of Cletus Poffenberger (played by Christopher Lloyd). The re-edited episode explained Cletus' appearance in a flashback sequence, occurring prior to Episode 6(Ghost Dance), which had actually aired as the second in the series. The correct order sequence of the episodes was revealed by the weblinks for the Sci-fi Channel's episode guides, which correctly numbered the episodes' individual webpages.

The series has recently been taken off iTunes. It is currently available on Hulu, IMDB and through's Unbox video download service. The series was released as a 3 disc DVD set by Universal Home Entertaiment on March 19, 2010. Several episodes are currently on Hulu and eleven of the episodes can be viewed on IMDB. Since May 17, 2019, all the episodes were released on the official tremors youtube page.

Nancy's husband was originally supposed to appear in episode 14, but due to the series being canceled, an actor was never given and his first name was never told.

"One thing we wanted to do was reveal that Rosalita was in fact an imposter, that she wasn't really related to the Tony Genaro character, Miguel, (Tremors 1 and Tremors 3). She got in trouble with gangsters in Vegas, heard about Miguel's land, and impersonated a relative to get control of it, so she could hide out from the mob. That's why we had all the jokes about her not liking her cows and not knowing how to run the ranch very well. We were going to have Burt get into an online romance, only to find out it was with Nancy. We were going to find undestroyed areas of the Proudfoot labs and reveal more of their experiment in altering DNA."
—Stampede Entertainment[src]

This quote shows there was a chance of more episodes originally before SyFy canceled the series. Tremors were going to be a lot different once Rosalita's secret was revealed, then Burt and Nancy fall in love. Who knows what other creatures could've been shone. Like Cletus said, "Grasshoppers with Scorpion tails."

"Charlotte had done a big commercial in which she had an exclusive deal. That means she was not allowed to play other characters while the commercial was on the air. Unfortunately the deal covered the time when we had to shoot the series and we couldn't get her out of the contract. Both she and we were disappointed. But we did get to meet and work with Marcia Strassman."
—Stampede Entertainment on why Charlotte Stewart was replaced by Marcia Strassman[src]


"Actually, we had not come up with too much beyond the thirteen episodes. It was all we could do to get them written and into production. One idea which was floated, however, was mysterious Mixmaster modified bugs which eat all the rubber (synthetic and otherwise) in town. All the faucets leaked, cars' fanbelts broke, etc. SciFi thought it was too goofy."
—Stampede Entertainment on a deleted scene from The Sounds of Silence.[src]
"TV moves so fast there's a very narrow window of time to Scheduling actors. I don't know the specific reason but most likely she just wasn't available on the exact days we had to shoot that show."
—Stampede Entertainment on why Ariana Richards couldn't reprise her role as Mindy Sterngood.[src]


"Shawn Christian was not able to return to Perfection for the Tremors Series because he was already committed to star in another series shooting at the same time."
— Stampede Entertainment on why Shawn Christian couldn't return as Jack.[src]
"We had one idea for an octopus-like thing that lives in trees. It snatches people up and cocoons them in pods hidden in the branches. Our Perfection heroes are totally stumped for a while, since they assume the victims are being pulled into the ground."
—Stampede Entertainment stating that The Thing in the Trees was going to be the fourteenth episode of Tremors: The Series.[src]


Main cast

Fred Ward Earl Bassett (originally, signed off because of 10.5)
Michael Gross Burt Gummer
Victor Browne Tyler Reed
Gladys Jimenez Rosalita Sanchez
Marcia Strassman Nancy Sterngood
Lela Lee Jodi Chang
Dean Norris W.D. Twitchell

Reccuring cast

J.D. Walsh Larry Norvel
Christopher Llyod Cletus Poffenberger
Sarah Rafferty Dr. Casey Matthews
Robert Jayne Melvin Plugg
Richard Biggs Roger Garrett
Branscombe Richmond Harlowe Winnemucca
Nicholas Turturro Frank
Tinsley Grimes Mindy Sterngood

Supporting cast

Joan McCurtery Dr. Donna Debevic
Pat Skipper Bill McClane
Joel McKinnon Miller Red Landers
Rebecca McFarland Dr. Ellie Bergen
Jim Beaver Sheriff Sam Boggs
Michael Rooker Kinney
Valarie Rae Miller Keisha
Vivica A. Fox Delores


The Episodes are listed in the order they were originally broadcast. However, the Sci-Fi channel did not like the episode Shriek and Destroy, and aired Ghost Dance in its place. Various other episodes are also aired out of order.[1] the intended order was:

Episode number Episode title
1 Feeding Frenzy
2 Shriek and Destroy
3 Blast from the Past
4 Hit and Run
5 Project 4-12
6 Ghost Dance
7 Night of the Shriekers
8 A Little Paranoia Among the Friends
9 Flora or Fauna
10 Graboid Rights
11 Water Hazard
12 The Sounds of Silence
13 (last episode released) The Key
14 The Thing in the Trees
15 Bigfoot the Yeti
16 The Killer Toaster Ovens
17 Val and Earl meet the Vampire
18 The Awful Winged Thing

Air Order

Episode number Episode title Original air-date
1 Feeding Frenzy March 20, 2003
2 Ghost Dance March 28, 2003
3 Night of the Shriekers April 4, 2003
4 Blast from the Past April 11, 2003
5 Flora or Fauna April 18, 2003
6 Hit and Run April 25, 2003
7 A Little Paranoia Among the Friends June 20, 2003
8 Project 4-12 June 27, 2003
9 Graboid Rights July 11, 2003
10 The Sounds of Silence July 18, 2003
11 The Key July 25, 2003
12 Water Hazard August 1, 2003
13 Shriek and Destroy August 8, 2003



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Fanfictions following the Show

There are several writers making fanfictions that pick up where the show left off, either in the aired order or the correct order.

The author keeping mostly with the intended thoughts and ideas of S.S. Wilson for season two (said on the official Tremors site) is TekeoMiona, an author on FanFiction.Net.

The rest are keeping solely to their own ideas, the following two with Burt Gummer and Tyler Reed as an established couple.

The last is not slash, two authors spread out over the internet, Rumpy and Vlad.

All above authors are NOT claiming to own Tremors: The Series and do NOT make a profit on their stories.