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Tinsley in Graboid Rights

Tinsley Grimes is an actress that replaced Ariana Richards, when she wasn't available to reprise her role as Mindy Sterngood in Tremors: Graboid Rights.


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Tinsley Grimes is an actress notable for some primary and secondary roles she has played in TV series, as well as guest starring in some episodes

  • Nina Walsh in Smart Guy (1997-99)
  • Bobbie Wagner on Promised Land (1999)
  • Katie Howard in That 80s Show (2002)
  • Phoebe's assistant in an episode of season 5 of Charmed ("Happily Ever After") (2002)
  • Mindy Sterngood in the Tremors: The Series (2003)
  • One of the Kelly family (Lisa Kelly) (2003-2004)

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