Val: That's how it gets you, it's the tree, you smart bastard!

The Thing in the Trees[1] is a creature was originally supposed to appear in Stampede and Universal's first attempt to develop Tremors as a TV series.

The Original

While producing Tremors 2: Aftershocks, Stampede and Universal also tried for the first time to develop Tremors as a TV series. The idea was that people were mysteriously disappearing into thin air out in the woods. Their tracks just stop, with no sign of a struggle. Val and Earl eventually discover an arboreal octopus, lurking above to prey on the unsuspecting.


While it has similarities to the Pacific Northwest tree octopus hoax it actually predates it by about two years. However it was rumored that the creature was going to be introduced allegedly in the second series as a Mixmaster creation that my have taken cues from this hoax.


  • One Tremors fan fiction writer included The "Thing in the Trees" in his writing saying it was actually an octopus that was mutated by Mixmaster, and it could breath out of water. It was brought up to Canada by a scientist just in the manner that Cletus saved Project 4-12.