Val: "Watch out Earl! It's that goddamn toaster again!"
Earl: "That son of a bitch!"

The Killer Toaster Ovens were originally going to be part of an episode of Stampede and Universal's first attempt at Developing Tremors as a TV series. The premise was that the town of Perfection is invaded by strange rectangular robots that begin systematically tearing the place apart and building a some sort of road! Assuming "No way these boys are local," Val and Earl launch a counter attack against what they think are alien probes -- and inadvertently destroy the U.S. Military’s latest hi-tech weapon. Turns out the robots, designed to build airfields in hostile territory, were being tested in Area 51 (not that far from Perfection, you know), but wandered off the test site. It is also was supposed to be the fifteenth episode of Tremors: The Series.

Basis in Myth

Many conspiracy theories surround Area 51 though it is so far only known as a highly advanced aircraft testing zone abit a highly classified and secretive one.