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Full Body Of the Termaggots.

The Termaggots were a type of small insect created by Mixmaster, which mixed the DNA of different bugs 

Termaggots (10).jpg

together. These bugs are cicadas, termites and maggots. They emit a high pitched screech that paralyzes, then it kills people and animals. They are know for eating wood, people and animals. They managed to eat all of Rosalita's cattle, road workers Bud and Daryl and almost Twitchell, but Tyler saved him. They also destroyed Rosalita's garage and nearly destroyed Chang's Market.

The termaggots attack a road worker

At the and Tyler, Larry and Donna managed to kill all the bugs by spreading tar, that was being used to repair their road, Larry lured the bugs to the tar playing modified recordings of insect mating calls from Donna through his car's stereo. After they were all stuck in the tar Tyler and Donna spread gasoline over them and lit them on fire using a Ass Blaster novelty lighter taken from one of the dead road workers.


Termaggots about to eat Jody Chang's Market

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