Tecopa was played by August Schellenberg. He was a Native American who lived in the mining town Rejection and appeared in Tremors 4: The Legend Begins. A hard worker, he set up a hole for a flagpole before Nevada had even adopted a flag. He also gives evidence that the Graboids have appeared before white settlers came to the valley.

He claimed the cigar store Indian in front of the hotel was actually a statue of him. When Graboids attacked the town he fought them bravely, alongside the other townspeople. In order to lure the Graboid away from the other townspeople he dropped a long saw down the flag pole hole and banged on it with a hammer and yelled. The Graboid, lured by the noise, ran into the blade of the saw with enough force to kill it. As part of Hiram Gummer's settlement with the townspeople he asked for an actual statue of him be commissioned seeing how the cigar store Indian was destroyed during the Graboid attack.

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