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1874 .50 Sharps Buffalo Rifle8 GaugeAR-15
A Little Paranoia Among the FriendsAfrican Ass BlasterAfrican Graboid
African Graboid Incursion of 2015Agent Charlie RuskAgent Frank Statler
Alison MaclnnisAriana Richards
Ass Blaster
Audrey WasilewiskiBackpacker
Barrett M82Beretta 92FS Inox
Big Horse JohnsonBigfoot the YetiBill McClane
Bixby, NevadaBlack Hand KellyBlast from the Past
BlunderbussBranscombe RichmondBrent Maddock
BrockBrowning Hi-Power
Bud and DarylBuford
Burt's HouseBurt's Survivial Journal
Burt GummerBurt Gummer's Gun WallCarlos Ortega
Carmine and HowardCecil CarrChad Ranston
Chang's MarketCharlie WilhelmCharlotte Stewart
Chiapas, MexicoChristine Lord
Christopher GartinChristopher Lloyd
Cletus PoffenbergerColt Single Action Army
Dean NorrisDeloresDepartment of the Interior Graboid Report
Desert Jack's Graboid TourDirt Dragon
Dr. Andrew MerlissDr. Casey MatthewsDr. Donna Debevic
Dr. Ellie BergenDr. Harold Baines
Dr. Kate RileyDr. Meghan FlynnDr. Nandi Montabu
Dr. TowneEarl Bassett
Edgar DeemsEl BlancoEl Chaco, Argentina Graboid Incursion of 2001
Feeding FrenzyFinn Carter
Flora or FaunaFrankFred Ward
Fu Yien ChangGene FallonGeorge Meadows
Ghost DanceGiant ShrimpGladys Jimenez
GrabbersGraboidGraboid (egg)
Graboid Evolution Fan SpeculationGraboid Rights
Grady HooverGrizzly Single Shot .50 Caliber BMG
Harlowe WinnemuccaHeather Gummer
Heckler & Koch HK91Heckler and Koch HK33Heckler and Koch HK91
Helen ShaverHelmut Krause
Hiram GummerHit and RunInvisibat
J.D. WalshJack SawyerJim Wallace
Joan McCurtreyJodi Chang
Juan PedillaJulioKarl Hartung
KeishaKevinKevin Bacon
KinneyLarry Norvel
Las Vegas, NevadaLela LeeList of Tremors characters
Lorin McCraleyLu Wan ChangLuger P08
M1911A1M8 Flare Pistol
Magnum Research Desert EagleManny GarciaMarcelo Trubert
Marcia StrassmanMary GrossMax
MeadMegan Wallace
Melvin PluggMesa State UniversityMesserschmitt
Michael GrossMichael RookerMicrobe Swarm
Miguel Sanchez
Mindy SterngoodMixmasterMixmaster Research Lab
MosleyNambu Type 14
Nancy RobertsNancy SterngoodNestor Cunningham
News reportersNicholas TurturroNight of the Shriekers
Norinco SKSNorinco Type 54Officer Jerry Rinks
Officer PiperOil WorkerOld Fred
Old Fred (Tremors 4)Online Games based off of TremorsOtto
Pat SkipperPaul HoganPedro
Perfection, NevadaPerfection, Nevada/Revenue
Perfection Graboid Incursion of 2001Perfection ValleyPete Norris
PlantimalProject 4-12Project 4-12 (episode)
Pyong ChangRay McQuireReba McEntire
Red LandersRejection Graboid Incursion of 1889
Remington 870Rescue Team Shriekers
Rhonda LeBeckRichard BiggsRichard Marcus
Road HogRobert Jayne
Roger GarrettRon Underwood
Rosalita SanchezRosieRosser
Ruger Mini-14Ruger Mk1Ruger Redhawk
S.S. WilsonS. S. WilsonSIG-Sauer P226
SIG-Sauer P228Sara BotsfordSarah Rafferty
Seeking Perfection: The Unofficial Guide to TremorsShawn Christian
Sheriff Sam BoggsShriek and Destroy
Shriek and Destroy (online game)Shrieker
Silver MinersSmith & Wesson Model 19
Smith & Wesson Model 66Smith and Wesson Model 66Smith and Wesson Model 686
Stampede Entertainment
StumpySusan ChuangSyFy
The Awful Winged ThingThe Awful Winged Thing (creature)The Biker
The HitmanThe Key
The Killer Toaster OvensThe Killer Toaster Ovens (creature)The Midnight Rambler
The Queen BitchThe Sounds of SilenceThe Thing in the Trees
The Thing in the Trees (episode)TimelineTinsley Grimes
Tony GenaroTouristsTravis B. Welker
TremorsTremors: A Cold Day in Hell
Tremors: The Lost EpisodesTremors: The SeriesTremors: The Series/Quotes
Tremors: The Thunder from Down UnderTremors (2018 TV series)
Tremors (remake)Tremors (series)
Tremors 3: Back to PerfectionTremors 4: The Legend Begins
Tremors 5: Bloodlines
Tremors II: AftershocksTremors Wiki
Tyler ReedType 56
Universal Home EntertainmentUzi
Val and Earl's truckVal and Earl meet the Vampire
Valentine McKeeValerie McKee
Victor BrowneVictor WongW.D. Twitchell
Walter ChangWalther P38Walther PPK
Water HazardWeapons of Tremors 4Webley Mk1
Western Union ClerkWilliam and Moore 8 gauge
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