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Project 4-12
Classification A Mixmaster hybrid of an rhinoceros, a switchback spider, wolverine, skunk, panther, and cougar
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Project 4-12 is the earliest encountered, and most long-lived, creation of Mixmaster. He was created in 1973 and bred for combat in Vietnam, specifically designed to hunt down the Vietcong in the jungles of Hochi Provence in a nocturnal environment and clear out tunnels. The lab he was created in was eventually closed, thanks to Proudfoot's shady dealings. Cletus Poffenberger, his creator, couldn't bear to let the young animal die before it had a chance to live, so he stole him away from the secret Proudfoot Corporation building in Perfection, Nevada before it was destroyed. As a result, Cletus went on the run with it from both the corporation and the federal government.

He became the companion and friend of Cletus and for the most part, 4-12 was a faithful companion. However, due to the aggressiveness of the animals he was made up of. He was prone to violent mood swings. Cletus was able to control 4-12's mood with the bud of a special cactus called Blue-Diamond Chola Cactus. As these kept him docile due to high levels of melatonin found in them. Unfortunately, the cactus became rarer each year until 4-12 finally got away from Cletus and went on a rampage throughout the valley before being put down by the citizens of Perfection in self-defense.

Project 4-12 (episode)


4-12 was a hybrid of a rhino, wolverine and switchback spider that was raised by Cletus Poffenberger far outside of Perfection. He escaped when Cletus told him there weren't anymore Blue-Diamond Chola Cactus Flowers. He went around the valley, mutilating Harlowe's horse and killing a biker in town. Near the end, Rosalita, Nancy and Jodi drove off, leaving Burt, Harlow, Tyler and Cletus to make a flamethrower, which they used to kill 4-12. Cletus buried him a few feet away from Nancy's house with a plank of wood that said, "Project Four-Twelve. 1973-2003. Best Pal Ever." 4-12 has the distinction of being the only intentional Mixmaster creation to appear in the series that had not mutated beyond it's original form.



He is resistant to small-arms fire. While it was of indeterminate sex however Cletus called the creature a He, therefore it is generally assumed that the creature is male. It is designed to emit a chemical that smells like a mixture of skunk entrails, panther urine and cougar excrement used to nauseate the enemy, it also makes him inedible to any Graboid as El Blanco found out, spitting 4-12 out as a result of the chemical. His sight strangely resembles a sniper scope sight which allows him the use of x-ray vision (Cletus admitted he stole this idea from Superman). Due to his genetic makeup, he was naturally aggressive though Cletus kept him calm through regular snacks of Blue-Diamond Chola Cactus Flowers, which became more rare every year. He is about six feet long and about three feet tall at the shoulder. He had numerous other DNA traits bonded to him including silicon bacterial DNA to toughen his hide.

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As a genetic creature mixed with few different species of animals, 4-12 was proven to be lethal weapon.  

Speed and Agility: 4-12 is an agile hunter as he is able to run at high speeds. 4-12 is able to pounce on a horse but unable to outrun a car that had carried extra weight of man but once used the men jump off the horse to give the horse more of chance to outrun the monster wasn't enough.. He able to make quick turns, using its short tail for superb counterbalance.

Strength and Combat: Its strength has proven to knock down a door that was covered by his owner to hold 4-12 down but in short time it was able to brake it down covered with beams and extra support. With rhino DNA, the 4-12 has the charging power to break through a small shop made out of wood, along with metal fencing, which takes bit more force from its attacks to take it down. As it's for combat mostly shown to use its horn to impaled it's enemies.

Keen Sight: 4-12 has vision that is similar to a sniper scope, allowing it to lock on prey as it was well on target like the wild boar. It has x-ray vision, an idea from Superman to add in 4-12's Genetic DNA. It was given the ability of night vision, due to its creation for nocturnal environment and clear out tunnels; even though the ability wasn't shown, but it seems likely it was made to take down enemies from dark areas in Vietnam, it's possible that it comes from the DNA of a wolverine. With its sniper scope can lock on target more closer to the target face.

Endurance and Stamina: This creature has proven to have high levels of stamina, being able to run long distances for long periods of time with little to no exhaustion, perfect for hunting or taking out enemies. It was even shown to have high endurance, possibly from the rhino for tough hide as able to take a jaw strength from El Blanco but even upchuck as well to quickly to get back up. Even bullets didn't seem to faze the creature munch as it didn't seem to shown any sign of trauma of pain.

Hunting: It uses its horn to kill its prey. Its hunting tactics seem to point out that in a natural environment the creature will sweep through its territory in a grid like pattern south to north, north to south. It's main hunting style is to chasing the prey as it did with a wild boar and a horse though it didn't eat the horse more likely unable to eat prey or simply design to kill anything on sight similar to hunting for sports.

Defense Mechanism: It is designed to emit a chemical that smells like a mixture of skunk entrails, panther urine and cougar excrement used to nauseate the enemy, it also makes him inedible to any Graboid as El Blanco found out, vomiting 4-12 out alive and well.

Intelligence: It has a great intellect that is smart tactical mind able come up with a strategy in just a few minutes. It also possible believe it could understand human language as his owner was being reasonable with 4-12 few times but its personality of aggressive from the wolverine DNA was too much for the creature to listen though seems likely it did chose to not have the life to be lock up any more.

Sense of smell: It shown to be at Nancy house as it was possible smelling out his owner.