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Nestor, was a minor character who only appeared in Tremors.He was a resident in Perfection living in his trailer,when Val and Earl first encounter the graboids and warn everyone about them,Nestor believes that they shouldn't evacuate,since help might come.



He initially thought that ordinary tools like a pickax or chainsaw could stop the graboids. But Earl explains to him that  they are under the ground and can easily grab & devour you. When the graboids reach Perfection everyone hide in their homes or Walter's Store, realizing that they can come through the floor. Val warns him to get on top his trailer for safety,unfortunately  the graboids turned over the trailer so they could eat him. He was the last character to die in the first film (after trying to hide in a tractor tire which ended with disastrous results of course). Notably, Melvin was upset at his death, but not at anyone else’s (possibly because he actually witnessed it). Nestor moved to Nevada from back East. In the third movie, his old trailer is in the junkyard and Burt travels to it and retrieves a bottle of whiskey for some reason left in the trailer to use in his make-shift weapon, thanking Nestor for it and telling Jack and Jodi that that "Nestor loved his shine." This may of meant that he ran some kind of local distillery.



  • Nestor's last name as "Cunningham" comes from the original script original Tremors movie script.