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While the original Mixmaster was a creation of the Proudfoot corporation it has since mutated in their

absence. The creature was created when a sample of Mixmaster came in contact with some hydrophilic microbes and fused it with another deep-sea microbe, described as only being found in ocean vents and an extremely rare silcone-based organism. These microbes where part of a shelved experiment to create an organic food preserver, orange in color, that were prepared before hand in case it got out of control. This new creature was stronger than its predecessor and it was able to resist the compound designed to destroy the original and had a hunger for fluid of any kind.

Ghost Dance


One of the most lethal creatures encountered by the people of Perfection Valley was the Hydro swarm or the "ghost" as Rosalita called it when she saw it in its home in the mines near the valley. It escaped through a ventilation duct in the Proudfoot lab that led into a nearby mine where it fed on the surrounding moisture and any unfortunate creature that came in its path. When it attacked some people who went to survey the mine this alerted the Perfectionites. They investigated and discovered the creature barely escaping with their lives thanks to Burt figuring what the animal wanted and distracted it by splashing a wall with water. The government soon arrived and tried to deal with it only to fail because they thought they were dealing with the original microbe. Originally the government planned to napalm the town to destroy it as it was a silicon-based organism and needed extreme heat to be destroyed, but the townspeople decided to look for another solution while stalling the government with El Blanco. It took the combined efforts of the government and Gummer's group to to capture the Mixmaster mutation. Trapped in the tank of a makeshift vacuum it was taken away by the government for study. However it is revealed at the end of the episode that because of its long life several cells died off. These were later eaten by insects and these eaten by predators and those eaten by other predators saturating the entire Perfection Valley region with the Mixmaster compound.

The Microbes