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Larry Norvel asking Tyler about 4-12

Larry Norvel is a character from Tremors: The Series.


A fanatic of Graboids and Burt Gummer, he is a regular visitor to Perfection Valley. The residents of Perfection wish he would leave them alone. Nevertheless, he has been helpful from time to time. Eventually, he settles in town. Jodi was surprised to find out that his ideas actually helped her store, so in the end he works for her. When the Termaggots appear, he helps lure them onto the road tar with his car's loudspeakers, having to physicaly push the car once it stalls. Tyler gives him credit for the idea he used. During the fight with Delores and Frank, Larry uses his new friend the Invisibat to attack Delores and wake up El Blanco who eats her. His character would have evolved given a second season. He has a encyclopedic knowledge all things sci-fi.


  • Larry has "dumbass luck", meaning that as long as he's a moron, his luck is god-tier.
  • He is unknowingly in possession of a key to a safety deposit box of twenty million in negotiable bearer bonds.