Juan Pedilla
Background information
Feature films Tremors 4: The Legend Begins
Video games
Portrayed by Brent Roam
Character information
Gender Male
Other names  
  • Juan
Enemies Graboids
Fate Survived

Juan Pedilla, played by Brent Roam, was featured in Tremors 4: The Legend Begins.

Originally a miner and lived in the mining town Rejection, Nevada. He worked as a miner so hopefully he could earn enough money to realize his dream of owning his own ranch.

1890 Graboid Incident

He witnessed a number of his fellow miners be eaten by Shooters, young Graboids which resulted in the mine being shut down. Juan was among the few residents that remained in Rejection after the mine shut down. When the owner of the mine showed up to examine the problem what remained of the miners and Juan set out to investigate. After a encounter with the Shooters left Juan and Gunner the only survivors of their party they hired a gunfighter by wire to try and kill the beasts. sent out the mine where they encountered the He, Gummer, and the other remaining residents and Gummer, fought the Graboids bravely and killed the last Graboid.

Later Life

After defeating the Graboids Hiram rewarded the townsfolk with shares of the money that would come form the reopened silver mine. Raising to become foreman of the mine Juan's share and later profits went to pay off his land, which he had been struggling to do before. Later after the mine played out he retired full time to his ranch raising cattle around Perfection Valley. He attempted (and eventually succeeded, though not without difficulty) to help Hiram to adjust to life in the American west. [1]

Decades later, the ranch would come into the ownership of his descendant Miguel, and after his death Rosalita.


Juan had a habit of losing his hat whenever he encountered a Graboid. Just before the town's last stand Hiram gave Juan a second hat saying, "knowing you, you'll need a spare." Juan later gave this hat to Fu Yien after the final Graboid was killed.