Hiram Gummer
Background information
Feature films Tremors 4: The Legend Begins
Video games
Portrayed by Michael Gross
Character information
Gender Male
Other names  
  • Mr. Gummer
Enemies Graboids
Fate Living(1889)
Quote I haven't been on a horse since I... since my 6th birthday party. No, actually, that - that was a camel.

Hiram Gummer was Burt’s great-grandfather and the main character in Tremors 4: The Legend Begins.


Unlike his more outdoors descendant, Hiram was a refined gentlemen(city slicker) from Philadelphia where he grew up with a certain amount privilege. Unaccustomed to strenuous activity he would become involved when his father, in the sick days of his life, sunk every bit of family property and coin in a silver mine in what would become the boom town of Rejection, which would only later be renamed Perfection. The only possessions left from his fathers madness were a gold family fob watch encrusted with a $20 gold piece and diamond cufflinks

1889 Graboid Incident

He came to the town when the Mine had to be closed because the Graboids were killing off all the miners and costing him money. He found it hard to adjust to the frontier life of the west, as he was the only one there at the time that didn't carry a weapon, let alone use one. The first outing to see what was wrong with the mine ended disastrously, with only he and Juan left alive. kille very first gun he uses is a diminutive Sharps Pepperbox when he and the but at the end of the film he uses a Colt Gatling gun beginning his family's obsession with weaponry.

Eventually, he planned to leave Rejection and head for Carson City, believing that there was nothing he could do to help them. However, after he hocked the last of his valuables (a gold watch), he purchased the proper weapons to kill the Graboids. He was forced to discover his Burt-like side to help deal with the problem.

Later Life

At the end of the film, he began work on what would become foundation Burt's house. He and Christine would leave Perfection years later, but Burt and Heather would eventually move into their old property.