Grady Hoover
Grady Hoover
Background information
Feature films Tremors 2: Aftershocks
Video games
Portrayed by Christopher Gartin
Character information
Gender Male
Other names
Friends Earl Bassett
Fate Living
Quote No offense Earl but you're nervous as a Chihuahua.

Well, 'son', no it isn't, cuz we just caught a live one. How 'bout that. I'm thinking big. I'm thinking theme park. Yeah, "Grady Hoover's World of Natural Wonders or maybe Monster World, or Monster Land, or Worm World.

Played by Christopher Gartin. Grady Hover is a taxi driver who went on to become Earl's partner in hunting down Graboids off the Petromaya Oil Field in Mexico.

Graboid Outbreak: Mexico

Grady brought Señor Ortega to Perfection Valley. He was the one who convinced Earl that he had a "big second chance" to be rich and successful from the Graboids and that he should take it. He then accompanied Earl in their task. Eventually, he and Earl destroyed all of the Graboids and Shriekers in Chiapas, and became partners in Grady's idea for opening a theme park. Grady is a city slicker by nature, contrasting with the other characters who played a role similar to him.


During Earl and Grady's task, Grady used to talk about making a Graboid theme park. So it is most probable that he set up a theme park after his mission at the Petromaya Oil Field. It was revealed in the third film that the theme park had become a major success.


Summed himself up as "I drive a Taxi, I live in a crappy apartment, I watch too much T.V. " He is a little oblivious to his surrounding and doesn't know when to flee from danger, given he paid attention to the song being played on the radio eaten by a Graboid while it was heading towards him. Natural gregarious, he is "blessed with a sunny disposition" according to himself, which most people seem to like.