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Frank in Hit and Run

Frank is a criminal from the Tremors: The Series episodes Hit and Run and The Key. He is played by Nicholas Turturro.


Frank can be accurately described as incredibly annoying. Frank believes about himself as some sort of bigshot but is actually an incompetent, pathetic and cowardly lackey. He is rude to everyone, even to his own friends and colleagues, and is a loud mouth. It's solely because of his obnoxious nature that it lands him into deep trouble with both the mob and the people of Perfection.

After his encounter with El Blanco, he has significantly tone down his behavior but still shows shades of his old personality from time to time. He develops a deep vendetta against the El Blanco and his kind, blaming them for ruining his life.


Hit and Run

Frank along with his friend, Max were assigned by Kinney to take a key to a bank and collect a stack load of bearer bonds for the mob in Chicago. Upon watching television footage of Desert Jack's Graboid Tour, he and Max got into the argument about the existence of Graboids leading to his partner dragging himself and Frank to Perfection to see the creatures. On arrival, Frank is completely skeptical, believing Graboids to be a hoax to attract tourists. After unable to encounter El Blanco during the tour, Frank mocks Max for falling for the alleged ruse. This forces Max to take Frank on a hike to find El Blanco and proves he's real. They did find him but then El Blanco eats Max much to Frank's shock and horror.

He manages to return to town and inform the people of Max's death. While attempt to recover from the experience, Frank gets even more horrified once he learns that El Blanco had eaten the key that was on Max. Realizing that he's in serious trouble, he calls Kinney for help before slipping away from the townspeople.

Frank and Kinney set out to catch and kill El Blanco with Frank having to serve as bait for the giant worm. Before their plan can succeed, Burt, Twitchell, Rosalita and Tyler arrives and manages to stop them on time. El Blanco turns his wrath on the mobsters, devouring Kinney, before dragging Frank for a long ride, who had his foot caught in rope that was attached to the harpoon El Blanco ate.

Burt and Tyler search for the mobsters' remains and discover the digested harpoon and one of Frank's shoes. Unfortunately, Burt notices footprints; meaning Frank is still out there.

The Key

After failing to secure the key, Frank has went into hiding out of fear of the mob; now living with Max's wife, Delores. The two work together in getting the key out of El Blanco. Armed with a sonic gun, developed by Helmut Krause and using said scientist as live bait for El Blanco, the two succeeded in stunning the worm.

They capture Tyler and Rosalita when they got too close to their scheme and force them at gunpoint to open up El Blanco. Thankfully, Larry's interference allows the tide to turn and an awakened El Blanco devours Delores. However, Frank escapes their grasps once more.


Frank stumbles across the road where he is found by a "good samaritan" who helps him in giving him a ride. Just as it seems Frank has escaped punishment once more, the "good samaritan" pulls out his gun and points it at the rogue, revealing himself to be a Hitman hired by the mob from Chicago to find Frank for his failure in securing the bearer bonds.

As Frank begs for his life, the screen fades to black and a loud gunshot was heard; presumably, the Hitman killed him. Although, it's also possible that the Hitman took Frank back to Chicago and the mob did the deed themselves and the shot was a symbolism of Frank's end.