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Dr. Meghan Flynn is a mionor character from the Tremors: The Series episode Night of the Shriekers. It can be argued that Dr. Flynn is the main antagonist of the episode, aside from the Shriekers themselves.  Dr. Flynn was played by actress Melinda Clarke


Tremors: The Series

She is notable for developing a technique that stopped Shriekers from metamorphosing into Ass Blasters and the diet that sustained the Shriekers, but kept them from birthing more Shriekers. She was very protective of her subjects, to the point of destroying the ammunition they were using to destroy the horde of Shriekers. She was in charge of a project to train Shriekers for use in Search and Rescue. While she tried to capture the final project Shrieker, she discovered all too late that the collar was burnt out. This resulted in her death when she was killed and eaten by her own creation.