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Dr. Ellie Bergen
Background information
Feature films  
Video games
Portrayed by Rebecca McFarland
Character information
Species Human
Gender Female
Other names
Fate Living
Quote "I had to make damn sure it was accurate."

Dr. Ellie Bergen is a supporting character in Tremors: The Series, she only appeared in the episode Graboid Rights. She was portrayed by Rebecca McFarland.


Dr. Ellie Bergen is a self-righteous do-gooder who wholesomely supports the protection of Graboids. Although, her methods in protecting the species are extreme and ultimately proving her hypocrisy.

She spitefully denounces Burt for being "narrow-minded" despite the fact that he selflessly saved her ungrateful life from El Blanco nor the fact she is clearly more dangerous to the Graboid's health when she intentionally poisoned the very thing she tries so hard to protect.


Tremors: The Series

Dr. Bergan originally came to Perfection with a group of animal rights activists led by Chad Ranston to protest the treatment of El Blanco by the townspeople. She disliked Burt at first due to his use of percussion grenades to scare El Blanco away from people. To prove that people in Perfection were harmful to El Blanco, She had Ray McQuire poison El Blanco just enough to make him sick but her plan backfired when Ray, whose backpack full of the poison, was was eaten by El Blanco.

After being confronted by Mindy Sterngood about the poison Ray McQuire said he had picked up for her, Dr. Ellie Bergen confessed to poisoning El Blanco. After confessing Dr. Ellie Bergen worked with the townspeople in order to make an antidote to feed to El Blanco in order to cure him of the poisoning.

It's unknown what happened to Dr. Bergen following El Blanco's recovery but it can be presumed she was arrested for the near death of the creature. Even if she wasn't arrested for that crime, her actions shows the activists that El Blanco was in much safer hands with Burt and the townspeople of Perfection.