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Den Bravers
Background information
Feature films  
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Portrayed by Ian Roberts
Character information
Gender Male
Other names
Fate Alive
Quote "When the sun rises in Africa, you better be running."

"Swallowed. Swallowed by that wide broad. She was about 10 meals ahead and 20 craps behind. So, she spat me out! Well, I tickled the insides of her belly a little bit."

Den Bravers is a South African helicopter pilot befriended by Burt Gummer and Travis B. Welker.



Den may have some form of military background and possibly served in the Boer War where he took a couple of rocket pods off of a MiG-23.

Tremors 5: Bloodlines

When Burt Gummer and Travis B. Welker travel to Africa to hunt African Graboids, Den is hired to fly them to the location. On the flight, Den expresses interest in Burt's work, though he finds the job of a monster hunter to be a strange attraction. Burt becomes concerned when Den drinks from a flask and asks if the man is drunk, but Den states that he isn't yet. As Burt prepares to disembark, Den stops him and tells Burt a story about survival in Africa, concluding that "in Africa when the sun rises, you'd better be running." Den hands Burt a small horn with his phone number on it just in case Burt needs help and offers a spit shake, which Burt rejects.

After getting stranded, Burt calls Den for help, asking him to bring some gas and ammo. After Burt confirms that he should come heavy, Den offers to bring a couple of rocket pods that he took off of a MiG-23 in the Boer War which Burt finds to be perfect. Shortly thereafter, Den arrives in his helicopter, but his arrival draws the attention of the Graboid known as the Queen Bitch whose grabbers take Den's co-pilot Charley. Arming himself with a shotgun, Den attempts to fend off the Graboid attack with the help of covering fire from Burt to no avail and is swallowed, presumably killing him. However, using Den's earlier advice, Burt and Travis are able to run to the helicopter using a herd of cattle as cover where Burt uses Den's rocket pods to destroy the Graboid nest.

As Burt and Travis are celebrating, Den suddenly reappears, still alive, shocking both men. Laughing, Den states that the Graboid was "10 meals ahead and 20 craps behind" so she spat him out, adding that he "tickled the insides of her belly a little bit" with his shotgun to get the Queen Bitch to release him. Joining in the laughter, Burt comments on having suffered the same experience. With the Queen Bitch returning, Den quickly flies the two men away.

Den flies Burt and Travis back to their truck and helps them repair it. Den tells Burt that he has to go and fight a fire in Zululand and his helicopter is running on fumes and Burt promises to call Den if he ever needs him again. Den gives Burt his FN MAG for use against the Queen Bitch, pleasing Burt. Burt and Den share a spit shake before Den departs, reminding Burt to never stop running.



  • Along with Burt Gummer, Den is one of only two people known to have survived being swallowed by a Graboid.