Christine Lord
Christine Gummer (née Lord)
Background information
Feature films Tremors 4: The Legend Begins
Video games
Portrayed by Sara Botsford
Character information
Gender Female
Other names  
  • Landlady
  • Christine
  • Mrs. Lord
  • Mrs. Gummer
  • Christine Gummer
Enemies Graboids
Fate Living(1889)
Quote Well, this is the rumble, tumble west.

Christine was the owner of the only hotel in Rejection, which was then a thriving Silver boom town yet to go bust. Like the other remaining residents Tecopa, Juan, and the Changs, she was a normal frontierswomen. however like everyone else she was a great help in dealing with the Graboids. Do to the fact that many of her tenants could not pay their rent with cash she instead accepted their firearms; while she amassed a large collection Black Hand Kelly was not impressed.

After the 1889 Graboid Incident

She and Hiram got married and built what would later become Burt's House. She is thus Burt's great-grandmother who was apparently a widow before she married Hiram (She had commented on how big his house was going to be and he had said, "It wouldn't be just for two.", implying the two got married).