Cecil Carr
Background information
Feature films  
Video games
Portrayed by Armin Shimerman
Character information
Gender Male
Other names
Enemies *Burt Gummer
Fate Living
Quote Ignore his poison.

Cecil Carr is a minor character in Tremors: The Series and only appeared in the episode A Little Paranoia Among the Friends.


Tremors: The Series

He is a radio announcer in Toluca, New Mexico and a UFO enthusiast. He lost his wife to a Graboid but thought aliens took her. He owned the ICG outside of town, which he used to try to communicate with the aliens. When people started disappearing in the area around the ICG he thought they were being taken by the same aliens.

Burt Gummer and Tyler Reed were sent by Twitchell to Toluca as the government thought the disappearances might be due to Graboid activity. Cecil did everything he could to discredit Burt and Tyler and run them out of town. In the end they lied that Graboids were evil aliens and got the townspeople to lead them to Cecil and the IGC.

Cecil still refused to believe them and shut it down, but the Graboid attacked and Tyler killed it. Cecil finally accepted that his wife was gone, being told that Graboids were a type of alien that didn't return the people they took. He also honored Burt and Tyler for telling him the "truth."