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Carmine and Howard were co-workers working on the road into Perfection Valley. It appears their main job is repairing the road after rockslides. When Val and Earl drive up to warn them of what they believe to be a serial killer they are doing just that. Val and Earl soon leave to warn the others. Carmine is breaking up asphalt (for eventual replacement) with a jack hammer when he hits a Graboid under the ground. the creature then burrows away with the jack hammer still in its head. the jack hammers cord wraps around carmines ankle dragging him up the hillside and eats him (off camera). Howards bloody helmet is later discovered on a pile of rocks on the road, It is unknown whether he was just buried by the rock slide (the graboid started when he was eating carmine) or if the graboid ate him.

It appears their truck, which should have been government property, wound up in the town's junkyard.