Señor Ortega
Señor Carlos Ortega
Background information
Feature films Tremors 2: Aftershocks
Video games
Portrayed by Marcelo Trubert
Character information
Gender Male
Other names  
  • Señor Ortega
  • Mr. Ortega
Fate Living
Quote We are willing to double the price if you can catch one alive.

Señor Carlos Ortega was played by Marcelo Trubert, while a minor character in Tremors 2: Aftershocks his appearance sets up the entire movie.


He was an executive in the oil company that tried to recruit the principal people who dealt with the first Graboid incursion. He tried first to recruit Señor McKee in New York but failed. However the enthusiastic cab driver offered to do the job and took Ortega across the country to see Earl Bassett.

Mexican Graboid Incident

After successfully recruiting Earl Basset, with the help of Grady, Ortega took them to the development district. There he introduced his new hunters to the remaining staff before leaving. Wisely he did not wait around for the job to be completed; he left before the Graboid rather bloody metamorphosis and was escaped being eaten. Strangely the threat was finally eradicated thanks to one person Señor Ortega did not think of recruiting.


  • Given that Gaboids were largely unknown before 1989 and became a protected species around 2002 there is a questionable legality to Ortega's actions. In recruiting his hunters he is tyring to rid one of mexicos most lucrative oil fields of an infestation, as it possible that political pressure to protect an endangered species could have forced it's closure?
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