Background information
Feature films Tremors 3: Back to Perfection
Video games
Portrayed by Billy Reick
Character information
Gender Male
Other names
Enemies Graboids
Fate Deceased (eaten by a Graboid)
Quote "Oh, yeah. Tough Guy."

Buford was a teenage character in Tremors 3: Back to Perfection, he was portrayed by Billy Reick. He came to Perfection with Desert Jack to help out with Desert Jack's Graboid Tour.


He was killed by a Graboid that attacked him and pulled him into a cactus field. He was then swallowed whole in front of the tourists.



There were hints that he was planning to assault Mindy just before he was eaten by the Graboid. As the two were alone hiding behind the scrub, he tried to flirt with her, but she responded in annoyance that she just wanted to leave. A visibly upset Buford then responded "You don't enjoy my company, uh? A man could take offense at that"; all while he was stabbing a piece of styrofoam in frustration with his knife. He had also previously been seen stalking her with binoculars, which is a classic behavior displayed by sex offenders and murderers. It's possible that the Graboid inadvertently saved Mindy's life just like El Blanco saved Burt's later in the movie.