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Bill McClane
Background information
Feature films  
Video games
Portrayed by Pat Skipper
Character information
Gender Male
Other names  
  • You arragant SOB
  • Poor Son of a Bitch
Enemies Shriekers
Fate Deceased (torn to pieces by a Shrieker)
Quote "I get it, Damn it!"

Bill McClane is a character from Tremors: The Series. He appeared in the episode Shriek and Destroy.



He was sent by Twitchell to help Burt and Tyler hunt the Shriekers who invaded Juniper, Arizona, but he was ripped apart by one that jumped on him. His gun in the episode was an IMI UZI.

He was in the fish and wildlife department which had not had contact with the Graboid species before, though as it is a protected species, except for Shriekers, he should have had some training.

He came in after Burt and Tyler killed six Shriekers, and he said that they weren't authorized to do so. Then Twitchell got on his case about firing them. He mentions that he trapped a Shrieker in a feed barn, and Burt tells him that when they eat food they have kids. The three head quickly to the barn, where they find Officer Jerry Rinks and Officer Piper's gruesome remains.

Armed with a Colt Commando, AKMS and IMI UZI, the three go hunting the Shriekers. After killing seven Shriekers, McClane is violently torn to pieces by the Shriekers.


File:Poor McClane.png

He began to notice the Shriekers were retreating, and as he was backing up, a Shrieker happened to be up on the roof of the Water Treatment Plant, offscreen it jumped down on him, and began to violently tear him to pieces, leaving a gruesome mess.