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Bigfoot the Yeti
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Bigfoot the Yeti is a creature was originally supposed to appear in Stampede and Universal's first attempt to develop Tremors as a TV series.


Val and Earl have a rule: they don’t do ghosts. That is, when fearful fans come asking for help, the boys refuse to take jobs involving ghosts, because they just plain don’t believe in them. In this case, however, a beautiful woman begs them to help her de-ghost an abandoned country house she wants to buy and renovate.

Well, the guys can’t turn down a pretty face and off they go. Sure enough, the ghost goings-on are real! Strange sounds! Shapes in the night! But what they eventually uncover is that the "ghost" is actually a very intelligent Bigfoot!

He puts on a sheet and pretends to be a ghost because he’s found it keeps people away. If he shows himself for what he really is, people want to catch him.


Bigfoot is a creature attributed to live somewhere in the east coast while the yeti is near and around Tibet. They have been portrayed in movies such as Sasquatch and its sequels Sasquatch Hunters and Sasquatch Mountain as being based off of gorillas, anywhere from five to eight feel tall. They can run relatively fast and dodge a bullet from a rifle or shotgun, whether this is true or not is unknown. In Sasquatch Hunters they were more like gorillas than anything, six feet tall and bloodthirsty.

Another movie that features a bigfoot, is Abominable, although it actually a "Yeti". Normal Bigfoots like the one in Sasquatch and Sasquatch Mountain normally attack in self-defense or if you're in their territory, while ones like in Abominable or Sasquatch Hunters hunt for food.

Abominable Snowmen and Yetis are normally described as being nine to ten feet tall. They have been reported being spotted in all over the mountains in Asia, while Bigfoot is common in the mountains of the United States.

Known Cast

Fred Ward Earl Bassett
Kevin Bacon Val McKee