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African Graboid
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The African Graboid is a Graboid species that appears in the film Tremors 5: Bloodlines.


The African Graboids are much bigger than their American relatives, being about 40-50 feet in length. They have far more prominent body spines, in skeletal-looking ridges on their bodies, and they possess multiple sets of sharp-toothed jaws. Their most prominent difference, however, is that their tongue-like tentacles are able to detach from the body and function as independent organisms. They lay their eggs in great numbers in nesting caves, which are guarded by the African Ass-Blaster.

In the film

Early on in the movie, two scientists discover the fossilized remains of an African Graboid, but are later eaten by a live specimen while in the shower.

Another specimen later attacks the townspeople in a South African village but is tricked into attacking a jeep with lit fuel and is blown up.

A large individual, dubbed the "Queen Bitch" later attacks Burt and co. in an attempt to retrieve its last remaining egg. However, they lured it into a trap, using the egg as bait, and killed it by directing lightning, causing it to explode.


As shown to be more powerful sub species of north America Grabiod.

Physical Strength and Combat: Due to be larger, it physical strength will be possible to destroy village.

Grabbers: Snake like Grabbers are definitely more powerful and completely dangerously for prey as they can detach from the mouth to have similar mind of thier own to attack as ambush though unknown this ability is the queen can only do for itself.

Endurance and Stamina: Its body is munch more resilience then its sub species as it can take on bullets and more as it took three lightning strikes to kill the Queen. High stamina as it can travel long distances.

Leap: Able to jump out of the ground in full speed charge against prey.

Tunneling: Very high speed underground burrowing.

Intelligence: Possible smarter then its sub species since its able to detach its tongs to use to retrieve its stolen eggs as more advantage for setting up traps.


  • Their appearance is much more similar to deep-sea worms as opposed to the crustacean-like appearance of the American Graboid.
  • They are implied to be eusocial, with one large Graboid being referred to as a 'queen'.
  • Its highly possible that this breed is younger than the Precambrian-era Graboids, hence why they are better evolved.
  • African Graboids have more developed skeletons than their American counterparts, as seen from concept art and the fossil seen from the movie.

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